You heard it right

Our services are zero cost
to our clients

Without PEO360

It can also lead to higher costs

  • Company spends their own time researching and requesting quotes individually
  • These costs the company time and money in sourcing
  • Most companies stop sourcing after 1-2 PEO companies
  • This can lead to less options and less competition amongst PEO providers
  • With fewer options, companies often pay more for less

With PEO360


We get paid by the PEO that is chosen, not our client.

  • 4+ quotes from nationally-trusted PEO providers
  • Only 30 minutes of company executive time to start our process
  • Zero time spent by the client on sourcing PEO companies and quotes
  • Zero cost to the client from PEO 360
  • PEO 360 educates clients on each offering to find the best fit
  • PEO 360 negotiates on behalf of the client to improve offerings based on their needs
  • PEO 360 gets paid the same amount so as to remain unbiased
  • With PEO 360, companies pay less, get more options, and find a better fit for their PEO